Lets take a look at the grind sizes that we offer and what they are best suited for:

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1. Whole Bean:

Not a grind per say, but an option we offer that lets you, the customer keep your coffee as fresh as possible. If you do grind it yourself, we recommend a conical or flat burr grinder. Just say no to blades!

2. French Press Grind 

This grind resembles sea salt and is most recommended for a French Press or a percolator.  This particular grind works well with "traditional" style methods because the larger size of the grinds results in a more rounded cup and smoother mouthfeel.  Also the larger size of the grinds results in less particles in your brew, leaving an overall cleaner cup.

3. Auto Drip Grind

The middle of the road as far as grinds are concerned. It basically looks like beach sand in consistency and is perfect for flat bottomed drip coffee makers, cone-shaped pour-over coffee makers, the AeroPress (With 3+minute brew time) and siphon brewers.  With drip coffee makers the contact time between the water and the coffee is relatively short so with the smaller size of the grind it is possible to achieve maximum extraction with limited bitterness.

4. Espresso Grind

The finest grind that we offer, our Espresso grind is slightly smaller than table salt.  The fine consistency offers maximum extraction which makes it perfect for espresso and the AeroPress (with a 1-2 minute brew time).

You are now a coffee grinding expert and on your way to creating a great cup of coffee every time you brew! #staybrewtal #brewcrew #brewtalitycoffee. Now go and pick up some of our "Deadly Fresh" Coffee!