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Let's Talk about that Grind

The backbone of great coffee is using the correct coffee grounds for each brew method you choose. Don’t underestimate the importance of grinding. Your grounds are your most valuable and overlooked tool in your brewing aresenal! If you can not grind at home or do not have a good conical burr grinder we can ship you your coffee to your preferred grind size.

What are the popular coffee grind sizes and what are they used for?

The following seven grind sizes are all you’ll need to brew a great cup of coffee within a range of different coffee brewing methods.
You can not just choose one grind size and use it for anything. Some grinds are best suited for certain coffee makers and methods.
Yes, you’ll notice some coffee brewing methods fall under more than one grind size category, this is because you can control the outcome of your brew with your grind size + brewing time for certain brewing methods. Remember the goal of this is to get perfectly extracted coffee everytime. 

Lets take a look at the major grind sizes from very coarse to very fine:

1. Extra Coarse Grind 

As large as you can go on most popular conical burr grinders – similar to ground peppercorns. This grind is great for Cold brew coffee brewing (e.g. using your Filtron or Toddy Brewer) Cowboy coffee.

2. Coarse Grind 

This grind resembles sea salt and is most recommended for a French Press or a percolator.

coarse grind


3. Medium-Coarse Grind

This grind is not quite medium but not quite coarse – similar looking to coarse/rough sand. We would recommend using a Chemex for this grind or a Clever Dripper or Cafe Solo brewer.

medium coarse

4. Medium Grind

The middle of the road as far as grinds are concerned. It basically looks like beach sand in consistency and is perfect for flat bottomed drip coffee makers, cone-shaped pour-over coffee makers, the Aeropress (With 3+minute brew time) and siphon brewers.

medium grind

5. Medium-Fine Grind

If you love your pour over coffee, you will need a medium fine coffee grind size. It’s finer than sand, but not as fine as an espresso grind. This grind is best suitable for cone-shaped pour-over brewers (e.g. Hario v60, Kalita wave) and the Aeropress (with a 2-3 minute brew time).

medium fine grind

6. Fine Grind

This is our espresso grind. This is the most common grind size you’ll come across when you buy pre-ground coffee from the local store. It is usually a fine grind size, unless otherwise stated. In terms of consistency, it’s a little finer than table salt. Its perfect for espresso and the Aeropress (with a 1-2 minute brew time).

fine grind

7. Extra Fine

It’s similar to flour or powder in texture. It lumps up as you see in the picture below and it best suitable for an Ibrik (Turkish coffee).

extra fine grind coffee

You are now a coffee grinding expert and on your way to creating a great cup of coffee everytime you brew! #staybrewtal #brewcrew #brewtalitycoffee. Now go and pick up some of our "Deadly Fresh" Coffee!


Stay Brewtal!

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