The Aeropress

The AeroPress has a cult following among the traveling coffee community! So if you are always on the go, camping especially or just at home and want a great cup of coffee or want to impress your friends with what looks like a science project of coffee making then the Aeropress is for you. 

We at Brewtality Coffee Co. say "Keeping shit simple is the name of the game". All you need is the right water temperature, the right level of air pressure and the right size grind and that will leave you with an excellent tasting brew in a matter of 90 seconds.. give or take a few! (Seriously, it’s one of the fastest coffee makers you can get your grubby little hands on on.) And many people say it brews the best coffee they’ve ever tasted. So dont trust us. Just try it for yourself.

What To Expect

Time: from Bean > Brew: There are a few ways to make a coffee Aeropress style, but if you’re in a rush, it can be done in about a minute or so, once your water is hot enough. 

Type of grind required: Here is the most awesome part – it does not matter! You’ll get a different result based on your grind, so you should choose the right grind size based on your mood! 

Medium Grind = 3+ minute brew time

Medium Fine Grind = 2-3 minute brew time

Fine Grind = 1 minute brew time

Resulting brew: Beautiful in color and taste. It’s more of a ‘clean’ tasting coffee (different from the French press). But in our opinions way better!

Final thoughts, we think this is one of the easiest, fastest and best ways when you're on the go to make coffee. We tested it in the lab with a 5 year old and they made better coffee than you can get at Starbucks.. So there is that.

Stay Brewtal!