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Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water

Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water

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Since coffee is 98% water, why not add some "DEATH" to it in the form of Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water? Yeah, we mean brew your coffee with this thirst murdering water. Who knew it could be done? We did and it tastes great.. way better than that city water that tastes like the community pool or those noisy plastic bottles you all are slaughtering marine wildlife with. So hop on the Death Train and literally have the most epic cup of coffee possible. Don't forget to #staybrewtal.


Liquid Death Sparkling Water doesn’t just look like a beer, it is actually carbonated like a beer. We use a more drinkable level of carbonation (5 grams/L) more similar to most beers than the higher carbonation levels of most sodas (6-8 grams/L). Slightly less carbonation means less carbonic acid is formed, which means the taste of Liquid Death is less bitter and more thirst murderous than many other sparkling waters. But most importantly, we made sure there is still plenty of carbonation for award-winning belches.

• 16.9 oz (473 ml) Tallboys

• 100% Mountain Water from the Alps

• Straight From Mountain to Can (CO2 Added)

• No Added Flavoring

• Very drinkable carbonation level more similar to beer than soda
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